Olmo 911 T.T

Olmo 911 TT | $3995

Olmo's engineers wanted to create the fastest and most aerodynamic time trial bike, a bike to cheat the wind and propel cyclists to victories against the clock.  The result is the new Olmo 911 TT, a bike drawn up in the laboratory and tested in the wind tunnel and the coastal roads of Italy.  The design takes advantage of CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics which is the flow of the air around the bicycles.  Every tube profile was optimized along with stem, handlebar and brakes to make a bike that pierces the air and reduces rear wheel turbulence.  Integrating the fork, stem and bar was key to reducing drag and also the front brake is recessed into the fork and the rear brake is mounted under the chain stays.  Of course the cables are internally routed but not in the normal way, a method that can challenge the best bike technicians.  Instead the top head of the integrated fork and stem can be opened and the cables can be inserted into the tubes with all lines in the most direct route.  This method reduces any sharp bends that cause problems for shifting and braking.  The Olmo 911 TT is one of the most aerodynamic time trial bikes on the market but with better shifting and braking function.

We offer the 911 TT as a complete bike:

Complete Bike Price  $5795

Complete Bike with Shimano Ultegra kit includes
Shimano Ultegra group
HED Jet 6 or 9 wheels
ISM Adamo Time Trial saddle
Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires and tubes
Deda Handlebar Tape


Olmo 911 T.T | Geometry Chart